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PD-zine!! An Electronic Professional Development Resource!

OH! MY! GOSH! Sooooo… it came to me in church! I am possibly quite over-the–top & beyond crazy passionate in providing as much as I can for educators and even more crazy about showing all of the great resources, tools, and just what is out there …period! It can be quite a struggle, because believe me I KNOW what is on your shoulders. I KNOW what is being asked of you. I KNOW time is of the essence. I KNOW it is a difficult balance and mystery to find that balance between life, family, work. I get it! I am a people pleaser. I am passionate and LOVE feedback for the sole purpose of making ME better.

What came to me like a light from above???? An electronic magazine. An electronic magazine for educators. An electronic magazine for educators focused on Professional Development! AHHH! I stayed up pretty much all night, putting my thoughts and ideas together (you know after my children and husband were nestled and sound asleep- it’s that balance thing. HA!). I would love to share my vision, my resource, my passion, with YOU! I was going to wait until later, but I cannot contain myself! Please follow, comment, email anything with anything you can suggest… the good, the bad, the improvements! 

I have grand plans! I would LOVE to feature YOU! I envision this to be accessible to all… anywhere… anytime. It is an interactive, linked, professional development, digital magazine! THINK: a magazine that you don’t have to recycle, accessible anytime from anywhere, linked to some amazing tools and resources itself, focused on a different topic a month, interactive, and much more!

Check it out! This month it is focused on English Learners… yes there is so much to cover, but is specific as to not to overwhelm. “Learn” some content, “Teach” something new, try a “Tech Tool,” have some “Fun,” check out the “Spotlight” (shout out to @TechCoachGraham- Amanda- #teamstripes), and more! Click away! Comment away! EEk! I am crawling with excitement!


Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 1.07.30 PM
PD-zine         May 2017


Check it out at my WEBSITE listed under the PD-zine tab OR click above!




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