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CABE 2017 Take-Aways

Anaheim- Home to Disneyland of course, which believe me I got my fill of during the nights. 🙂 BUT the main reason for my visit this time was to attend CABE 2017- California Association for Bilingual Education!

First impressions come the very first day…busy! And already… knowing that more were to come by night fall. Let’s just say the number I heard was 6,000+attendees. BUT the enthusiasm was rampant! This group of educators, professionals, and PARENTS (yes PARENTS!!! Soooo excited there was an amazing show of parents- this is what probably excites me the most), all there for the sole purpose of bettering education for bilingual education and English Language Learners. What a powerful statement! What an amazing feeling to be around!

I will say the technology is getting there- I did see EdTech Team’s involvement in the “book” I received for sessions and information- so YESSSS! I would have loved to recognize more advertisement of resources being available through the website, but all too late I got that memo. I don’t consider myself that out of the loop, but the presenter I went to towards the end of the second day made a point to say her resources were there and VOILA! there it was! Shame on me for not looking in the first place!

Anytime I walk away with tools, strategies, and/or activities it is a win in my book! The following are my key take aways:

Look to for a limited time to download templates for free using the code WRITE17 in the shopping cart! Great resources for writing templates and thinking tools.

-Don’t give students the format of writing (argumentative, narrative, informative, etc.) make THEM think about it. Think: “If we are the experts now that we have learned ______, what will the reader need/want to know?”

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.14.35 PM

– Know the difference between both integrated and designated! What are you doing in your own classroom to attain this?

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.19.28 PM

-LASTLy, and most important that was reiterated on several occasions… and hmmmm…. wonder why??? START WITH THE END IN MIND!!

My personal reflection: Have a goal! No matter where you are, what you teach, where you are going… What do YOU want??? Now make it happen! In the world you may just be one person, but that one person can truly make a difference with others and then it will be paid forward. One small step…


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